The 7 Human Rights We Can Do Without

 Dec 10 – is Human Rights Day! In a day when we celebrate the rights that all of humanity deserve, are there any rights we should be taking away?

My experience of the top leaders and entrepreneurs is that their success comes directly from depriving themselves of certain rights that others take for granted.

By sacrificing these rights, they don’t sink, chained to an “anchor of entitlement”, but fly free, lifting themselves and others to our highest spirit.

You won’t find these rights mentioned in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but it’s easy to see where they show up in our modern culture, and in our own lives if we’re not careful.

Here’s 7 rights that all top leaders deprive themselves of (most of the time):

1) The right to complain instead of taking action

2) The right to blame others instead of taking responsibility

3) The right to be a jerk instead of showing compassion

4) The right to be selfish instead of sharing fairly

5) The right to be comfortable instead of facing the truth

6) The right to suffer in lack instead of spreading abundance

7) The right to live small instead of fulfilling your true potential

Which ones do you find yourself falling into? Use Human Rights Day to make a new commitment to delete them from tomorrow. Then delete them from the next week. Then the next month and year.

When you see the positive impact in what you do and who you become, then delete them for life.

“There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” ~ Nelson Mandela