NASA To Explore Quadrillion Asteroid 16 Psyche

Is NASA planning a journey to match Paolo Coelho’s “The Alchemist”? NASA just announced it will be visiting “16 Psyche” – an asteroid calculated to be worth $10,000 quadrillion. That’s ten billion trillion dollars (or one hundred million times the world’s entire money supply). Are they going to mine the asteroid?! No. They’re just going to go have a look… “The Alchemist” is one of my favourite books which I … Continued

How Mark Cuban Became the World’s Ultimate Billionaire

How Mark Cuban couldn’t keep a job, so started his own company instead and made $3 billion. “I joined Mellon Bank after graduating from Indiana University in 1980 at 22. A lot of my peers at Mellon were just happy to have a job. I wanted to be more entrepreneurial. I started writing a newsletter. I did updates on current projects. I tried to inject a little humor. I thought … Continued

Happy Martin Luther King Day

As Americans celebrate Martin Luther King Day with a three-day weekend, the movement to make every weekend a three-day weekend continues to grow. Japan is leading the way. After Dentsu’s chairman resigned on Dec 29th following the suicide of a staff member after overworking, the Japan government and business are launching a “Premium Friday” campaign in February to get companies to give their workers Friday afternoons off. The campaign will … Continued

From $0 to $2 Billion In 2 Months

How resilient are you? Here’s an amazing story of how to bounce back when things get tough: The Elon Musk of China, 43 year old Jia Yueting, was under such financial stress 2 months ago, in November 2016 he wrote a letter to the staff and shareholders at his company, LeEco, telling them of the financial issues and saying he was cutting his salary to one yuan (15 cents). To … Continued

11 Things Michelle Obama Achieved The Past 8 Years

As the US switches President, I can’t help but admire the outright winner through the 2016 election race: Michelle Obama. Although she wasn’t running for President, the popularity polls put her ahead of all the candidates (and Barack Obama). The WSJ/NBC poll that took place before the election had her popularity at 59%, ahead of Barack Obama (51%), Hillary Clinton (40%) and Donald Trump (29%). Here’s 11 things Michelle quietly … Continued

Is Your To-Do List Too Long?

Joel Spolsky found a way to solve his to-do list. If that wasn’t reward enough, he sold his solution – Trello – to Atlassian this week for $425 million.How do you solve a to-do list? Five years ago, Joel and his team at Fog Creek Software took a tip from the East to solve theirs with the Japanese concept of ‘Kanban’.‘Kanban’ (which means ‘signboard’ in Japanese) was created by Taiichi … Continued

How Passionate Are You About Your Product?

Today, January 9th, is the 10th anniversary of Steve Jobs’ unveiling of the first iPhone to the world. It was the first internet-connected smartphone with no keyboard, and with multi-finger touchscreen controls. Everyone knows the Apple iPhone today. Over 1 billion iPhones have been sold and there are now 2 billion people in the world with smartphones. But when Steve Jobs first unveiled it, here’s what Apple’s competitors had to … Continued

How a Cambridge University Student Ended Up On The Streets

How do you start your first startup? My brother just sent me this photo from 1987 – exactly 30 years ago – of me and my very first business when I was 18 years old: Selling prints on the streets of Cambridge. Over the last year I’ve posted many entrepreneur stories on Facebook, and I’ve been asked to share some stories on my own journey. So here’s the story of … Continued

Where will you be in 2027?

We often overestimate what we can achieve in a year and seriously underestimate what we can achieve in a decade. This mind-boggling “Chart of the Week” from Visual Capitalist is a great example of this. It shows how much Jeff Bezos’ Amazon has grown in the last 10 years. At the end of 2006, all the publicly listed US department stores were worth more than $400 billion together. At the … Continued

2017 : Chinese Year of the Rooster

What does 2017 have in store for us? We’re about to move from the 2016 Chinese Year of the Monkey (a year of mischief and surprise endings) to the 2017 Chinese Year of the Rooster (a year of early starts and new beginnings). Here’s what the Astrology Club says about the coming year: “Consider a Rooster in a barnyard, protecting his hens and strutting his stuff. Well, that’s about it. … Continued

How To Master Your 2016 End Game

Are you trying too hard to be first when you should be trying to be last? Peter Thiel, Facebook’s first outside investor, calls this the “Last Mover Advantage.” As he explained in one of his Stanford startup lectures, “People often talk about ‘first mover advantage.’ But focusing on that may be problematic; you might move first then fade away.” “More important than being the first mover is the last mover. … Continued

Have You Found Your Ikigai?

“When you bow deeply to the universe, the universe bows back.” ~ Morihei Ueshiba Have you found your ikigai? Ikigai is the Japanese concept of “a reason for being.” Everyone has an ikigai, but yours is personal to you. Your ikigai is the intersection of your passions (what you love), your talents (what you are good at), your purpose (what the world needs) and your enterprise (what you can be … Continued

What Could You Achieve If You Had This Board?

Imagine if you could have a Board that had Bill Gates as the Chair and included well-known billionaire entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Reid Hoffman, Michael Bloomberg and Marc Benioff, and the leading entrepreneurs in their countries, China’s Jack Ma, Japan’s Masayoshi Son and India’s Ratan Tata to advise you? This isn’t a fantasy, but a real life board that was announced this week to run the … Continued

The 7 Human Rights We Can Do Without

 Dec 10 – is Human Rights Day! In a day when we celebrate the rights that all of humanity deserve, are there any rights we should be taking away? My experience of the top leaders and entrepreneurs is that their success comes directly from depriving themselves of certain rights that others take for granted. By sacrificing these rights, they don’t sink, chained to an “anchor of entitlement”, but fly free, … Continued

Masayoshi Son Made $2 Billion This Week, Here’s How He Made His First $2 Million

This week the richest man in Japan, Masayoshi Son, hit the headlines for meeting Donald Trump and telling the world he would be investing $50 billion in America and creating 50,000 jobs. That one announcement has made him $2 billion richer in 3 days as Softbank’s stock shot up 6%. It’s difficult for any startup entrepreneur to relate to an investor talking in billions. But Masa also began Softbank as … Continued

The Best Books To Read This December

By coincidence both Richard Branson and Bill Gates each came out with their Top 5 recommended books of 2016 yesterday, so here are 10 books to add to your reading list from the UK’s and USA’s best known entrepreneurs! RICHARD BRANSON’S TOP 5 BOOKS 1) If I Could Tell You Just One Thing (Richard Reed) – Written by the founder of Innocent Drinks, on the advice he’s been given by … Continued

Andrew Sachs the beloved actor from Fawlty Tower passes away

Sad to hear that Andrew Sachs, who played Manuel in Fawlty Towers, passed away today. I was a big fan of Fawlty Towers, and of John Cleese who said of Andrew: “If you met him you would never think for a moment that he was a comedian, you would think he was a rather cultivated bank manager… And then you stuck that moustache on him and he turned into a … Continued

Top 10 Future Trends of 2017 – Trend #10: World Wide Wealth

In 2017 a series of buggies will land on the moon – the first time since the US and USSR moon landings in the 1970s left five buggies up there. While the old buggies were operated by astronauts, the new buggies will be remote controlled, and sent by private teams who are all competing for the $20m Google Lunar X Prize. 4 of the 17 teams have already hitched a … Continued

Top 10 Future Trends of 2017 – Trend #9: Return to Earth

We are at a tipping point which few are aware of – and it’s a positive one. After 100+ years destroying the planet, 2017 is the year we begin the irreversible return to a sustainable Earth. Why? The rise in innovation, the drop in technology cost and the growing collective action to switch to renewable energy and reverse climate change are all converging to five major 2017 milestones: 1) Solar … Continued

Artificial diamonds that can generate electric power for over 5,000 years

This is amazing. Yesterday researchers at the University of Bristol reported success in converting nuclear waste into artificial diamonds that can then generate electric power for over 5,000 years. The researchers worked out how to heat radioactive waste from nuclear reactors, turn the radioactive carbon into gas, and then how to collect and compress the gas into a safe diamond battery. As University of Bristol Professor, Tom Scott, explains: “There … Continued

Top 10 Future Trends of 2017 – Trend #8: Renaissance 2.0

500 years ago Europe came out of the Dark Ages with entrepreneurs like the Medici Family bringing back the ancient wisdom of the Platonic Academy and Humanism, and sponsoring artists like Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci to lift the human spirit. The age that became known as the Renaissance was based on artisanship and personalized masterpieces. Today, the same shift is taking place from mass production to customization, from information … Continued

Top 10 Future Trends of 2017 – Trend #7: Mixed Reality

Mixed reality is the mix of reality, virtual reality and augmented reality. Within a year, we’ll all be in it. Today you’re reading this post on a Facebook Wall. In a year, you’re more than likely going to be reading, watching or connecting in a virtual Facebook Room. Last month Mark Zuckerberg did the first live demo of what he called “Social VR”, where he went from the Oculus Connect … Continued

Top 10 Future Trends of 2017 – Trend #6: The fall of Email Marketing

Do you use email marketing as one of the main ways to connect with your customers? Then don’t ignore this trend! You’ve probably noticed a decline in your email open rates and click-throughs over the last few years. But you may still be persevering as you still get some results. If you don’t make some changes in the coming year though, get prepared for a nasty shock. Why? Because customer … Continued

Top 10 Future Trends of 2017 – Trend #5: Digital Currencies

Trend #5 has been a long time coming – Digital Currencies. While digital wallets like Apple Passbook & Google Wallet, and Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin & Ethereum have been around for some time, 2017 will be the year of mass adoption. Why? Because it’s getting exponentially easier to access and trade in digital currencies. Companies like Stripe, which just raised $150 million at a $9 billion valuation on Black Friday ( … Continued

A story of Turkeys and a Unicorn on Thanksgiving Weekend

While many are busy spending money on Thanksgiving Weekend, others are making money. Like Irish brothers, 28-year old Patrick and 26-year old John Collision, who just doubled the value of their startup, Stripe to $9 billion after raising another $150 million. How did they grow their startup so fast? Here’s their 3 simple not-so-simple steps: Step #1: Solve a bigger problem As teenagers, in 2007 Patrick and John started their … Continued

Top 10 Future Trends of 2017 – Trend #4: Learning Networks

Trend #4 hits the mainstream next year and will revolutionize the speed at which we all learn. Learning networks are the evolution of social networks. When social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn appeared 10 years ago, they transformed our speed and volume of connections. But as the focus of social networks is conversation, they also multiplied our noise and distraction. Over the last five years, more and more people are … Continued

Top 10 Future Trends of 2017 – Trend #3: Less Walls More Doors

Trend #3 is about the waves that are breaking the barriers between us – and why the pace of walls falling will accelerate exponentially in 2017. Over the last decade, social networks like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Linkedin, together with trading platforms like Amazon, eBay and Alibaba, have connected people and places, markets and movements globally. Politicians in England can plan to separate from the EU, and the President-Elect of … Continued

Top 10 Future Trends of 2017 – Trend #2: Experience v/s Content

Trend #2 is the surprising consequence of the downward cost of content: As content moves to its nominal cost (ie. Free), people are spending more on experiences. This is a trend which will rapidly grow in 2017. Ten years ago, musicians would make their money selling songs and albums. Today, most music is listened to for free, and musicians make more from their concerts, merchandise and fan clubs. They are … Continued

Top 10 Future Trends of 2017 – Trend #1: The 3 Lane Economy

These are the 10 most critical things to know about how business is changing in the year ahead. Each trend explains what the big shift is, what it means to you, and what to do to keep your business on the cutting edge. If you find these of value, please share! Trend #1: THE 3 LANE ECONOMY As speed grows and time shortens, we have moved from a 1 lane … Continued

What would Alexander Hamilton do today?

Despite dying in a duel 212 years ago, Alexander Hamilton is in the news today… Unless you’ve seen the sold-out Broadway musical, read the news articles of the cast’s message to Mike Pence (or Donald Trump’s tweets in response), you probably won’t know much about Hamilton. Even if you have been following, it’s still easy to miss the huge lesson he left us. As a Hamilton myself, I’ve spent years … Continued

How focused are you at your one big thing?

Today Elon Musk got the green light to merge two of his companies, Tesla and SolarCity – opening the way for a fully integrated solar powered solution to live a zero carbon life. “We’re trying to make an integrated product,” Musk told Tesla shareholders today. “So you have an integrated solar roof with a Powerwall and an electric car, and you just go into a Tesla store, just say yes, … Continued

Make your Customer the Hero

This week Snapchat launched their Snapchat Spectacles to the public. Why have they been such a hit when Google Glass wasn’t? Because Snapchat’s founder, Evan Spiegel, took a page out of Apple’s launch of the iPod 15 years ago: Instead of focusing on the product, the launch focused at the customer. Why would someone want Snapchat Spectacles? Just to shoot 10 second videos? No. Because they’re fun to use and … Continued

5 Things that happened on 11/9

What happened yesterday? In all the media and posts on the US Elections, you might have missed one or more of these big things: NEWS STORY #1: THE WORLD DECIDES REVERSING CLIMATE CHANGE DOESN’T DEPEND ON THE US 200 countries at the United Nation’s COP22 Conference in Morocco pledged to keep to the timeline to stop global warming regardless of what Donald Trump does. This is the annual meet of … Continued

Why Donald Trump is the New President

When you have a country in massive debt, in economic and political disarray, with loss of trust in the government, it’s only a matter of time before a dictatorial leader steps in and gains the support of the people. That’s what happened in 1789 in France, and triggered the French Revolution. Citizens turned against King Louis XVI in protest of the monarchy’s excesses and the debt France had racked up … Continued

How to Make $20 billion in One Day

This Friday, 11/11, is the biggest shopping day in the world. And it was created by one man, Jack Ma, just 7 years ago. Last year, Alibaba’s Single’s Day set a Guinness World Record for the most sales made by a single company in 24 hours – $14.3 billion. This wasn’t just in China – but across 200 countries that bought Alibaba products for up to 50% off during 11/11. … Continued

The World’s Most Secretive Startup

Imagine a mixed reality that is so real, you can’t tell if the animal in front of you or the person you are speaking to is real, or a hologram beamed in from somewhere else in the world. Sound like a distant future? It already exists. Rony Abovitz created his company, Magic Leap, in 2010 to create 3D glasses that would project a digital light field over your eye, so … Continued

What were you doing during the US Elections?

If you’re looking for the silver lining in the US elections, I wrote this post for you: In every doorway of distraction there’s always a key to positive action. That’s what Brian Chesky found out in the 2008 US elections with an election idea that led to a $30 billion business. In the midst of the US election campaign, Brian and his co-founders, Joe and Nathan, were working on their … Continued

Where will your company be 130 years from now?

If Alexander Bell was alive today, he would be hearing that the company he started 130 years ago, AT&T, had become the largest telecom company in the world. He would also be hearing that this week it agreed to buy one of the world’s largest media companies, Time Warner, for $85.4 billion. The irony? Alexander invented the telephone as an accident and started AT&T as an afterthought… Born and brought … Continued

The Secret Sauce of Viral Videos

Are viral videos more of an art or a science? Discovery is betting $100 million on it being a science. And they have bet it not on one person, but on the Lerer Family: BFather Kenneth Lerer (who created NowThisMedia), his son, Ben (who created Thrillist) and his daughter, Izzie (who created The Dodo). After the investment from Discovery this week, the new Group Nine Media company they own (run … Continued